Psoriasis: Home Remedies

Psoriasis is defined as an auto-immune disease. It is a skin related complication, which is characterized by red patches all over the body. It is a bit difficult to treat psoriasis, they are more prominent near knee and elbows. Emotional stress, physical infection and side effects of various medicines are causes of psoriasis. If we talk about common characteristics, then itching, redness and silver patches on the body are one of them.

Now, how can we manage psoriasis through home treatment? There are many home remedies, so I am going to write down some home remedies to manage psoriasis.

  • Home Remedy 1

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is very important herb according to Ayurveda (naturally treatment) and this is a wonderful remedy to manage psoriasis or skin complications. It has medical properties to treat skin infection.


Take aloe vera leaf, cut in peace and you’ll now see a gel form over the leaf. Take that gel form in to the spoon or in the bowl and apply this over the effective area of the skin and it is also help full for soothing your skin. Try this home remedy for psoriasis on regular basis. It is very affective especially for those who have psoriasis on face.

  • Home Remedy 2


The second home remedy for psoriasis on face and other parts of skin is turmeric. Turmeric has antiseptic, antiviral, anti-microbial, and anti-inflammatory property. Turmeric is very useful herb according to Ayurveda.


Make a paste of turmeric powder, and mix it well. Apply this past on effective area, leave it for some minute and wash it away.

  • Home Remedy 3


Neem is also very helpful for treating some kind of infections.


Turn neem into the powder, take neem powder of one teaspoon and make a paste of aloe vera gel and neem powder. Apply this mixture on the effective area for better results.

  • Home remedy 4

Aamla, Kutki

Aamla (Phyllanthus Emblica) is very helpful to improve immunity and Kutki (botanical name is Picrorhiza kurrooa) is also helpful to reduce skin infections.


Take one bowl then add Aamla powder and then add some kutki powder, you can also add in it manjistha (rubia cordifolia). Mix it well and add some water, apply this past on effective area. Try this remedy twice or thrice a week on regular basis for better results.

  • Home Remedy 5

Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne Pepper also hold anti-inflammatory properties that help in healing the skin. It reduces the redness and scaling. It is also very help full for psoriasis on face (but, if your skin is soft then do not put it on your face).


Turn it into the powder and add some water and apply it on the effective area, otherwise try to get a capsaicin cream that is available in medical store. It is made from hot peppers and is simply great to reduce the lesions. Make sure you do not apply it on broken skin.

  • Home Remedy 6

Cashew Nut Oil

You can apply cashew nut oil for your lesions. It will improve flare-ups pf psoriasis on face and other parts of the skin. It moisturizes and removes the dead skin, treating it and making your skin smooth.

Home Remedy 7

Epsom Salt Bath

  • Fill your bath tub with luke warm water.
  • You can add a cup of milk, olive oil or Epsom salt.
  • This soothing shower will help you to get rid of the itchiness.
  • It will gradually reduce the plaques and scales on your body.
  • Moisturize yourself, immediately after the bath, for the best results.

So mates, that was all for remedies for Psoriasis on face and other parts of the skin.

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